Kiss Me Through the Phone

In order to understand what I am about to reference and discuss take a look at the story :

                In my gender studies course my colleagues and I have covered the history of women’s rights and other movements involving marginalized individuals. We also compared how disproportionate roles gender, sexual orientation, and race may play in determining equality. We have talked about how women are seen as the domestic housewives and men are the breadwinners. From conversations we can conclude that women are submissive and must be obedient to men. We have not talked about how women are portrayed over the internet and through technologies but there certainly is a ripple effect of how the women are seen in the work force creating these technologies as well as how they are seen on these websites and apps.

Recently, an article was published talking about the former vice president of marketing with Tinder (an iTunes App), Whitney Wolfe that was marginalized and discriminated in the workplace. In the workplaces such as Tinder, women do not just say they are outnumbered, but the attitudes towards them are sexist. These pressures and unfair attitudes proceed women to quit and leave the technology field and tell others to cut the possibility of studying computer science.

How come men get away with these posts and elicit pictures? Why are women the ones who are seen as slutty or inappropriate when men are typically seen as “dominate” and encourage others to make the first move. I have used plenty of social media to know that men are not as smooth and clean as they come. Some have bad pictures, corky pick up lines and end up being nothing like they say they are (height, weight, age). So why are women the ones who are marginalized and seen as slutty or seen as a “joke”? Through a screen, women are labeled and lose power.

If things continue, soon enough women will not be using social media and there will only be men on Tinder and other dating sites. How does that feel men? Yeah I hope you get my gist. Soon enough we need to change and let women share their ideas and change the I v. You identity and look at the company as a family type identity using “we”. Women have a lot to provide to the tech field and why does it take all the way for men to be turned in for guys to realize what they are doing? In the article, Speigal mentions that he was a jerk and that the the messages he wrote towards no reflection of his views toward women. Obviously they are or else he would not have done them. Yes I am happy voices are being heard, but forty years later we must realize women are still marginalized. Why? Hopefully by my next post we can have clearer answers.


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