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With the National Front making multiple appearances in Elif Safak’s novel, Honor, I wanted to dig deeper and get more of an understanding about what they fight for and how they take action. The principles and policies of the National Guard serve the idea that it is their rights as individuals to determine the greatest possible future for themselves and their country. The National Front is noted as the white only and far-right political party. The National Front focuses on the individuals in their country and wants to limit and stop those immigrating. Specifically, with thstop immigration start repatriatione numerous individuals without jobs, the National Front fights to dis allow immigrant individuals to work on jobs that the British can do for their own nation. The last three decades have displayed a decline in Britain’s economy. From immigrants migrating over to Britain, the National Front views those individuals as attempting to take power from British people. The National Front does see the world as widely diverse. They also believe that these races should not be extinct, but simply limited to areas they live and work. On their webpage they write how each race has progressed and developed their own social structures, its own customs and its own culture. Everyone has their own identity and character. From this, they hope for Britain to keep their identity as a primarily white country due to the development of their own social structures and culture. This view of keeping the whiteness is to maintain Britain’s character and culture. The National Front’s job is to halt all the non-white immigrants from entering Britain. In doing so, the racial tension and violence is expected to decrease in Britain. The allowance of white immigrants to enter Britain would remain due to particular reasons of skills or political refugees. All the National Front’s efforts are to aid the problem of unemployment in Britain. Once this unemployment issue is solved, the more lenient the National Guard will be in allowing a reasonable amount of immigrants into Britain. After understanding the motives of the National Front, as apart of the audience to the book Honor, I can grasp more of the context that Safak writes about.

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4 thoughts on “National Front

  1. I think that all of your information about the National Front is fascinating! It was definitely a group I was unfamiliar with before this class, and the information you provided is so interesting. The way that they present the issues seems to follow a logical process, yet the idea behind it is so backwards and discriminatory. I definitely agree that having a fuller understanding of the National Front makes the instances where it is mentioned in the novel much clearer to the reader.


    • I agree, before Honor, I had never heard of National Front. Without the considering context, the families and squatters in Turkey would not be seen in the same light if we hadn’t furthered our knowledge.


  2. I am so interested by the National Front and their propaganda. They know that by presenting a logical thought process, it’s harder to dislike their organization and what they stand for at the core. It’s kind of funny that even when you’re truly trying to help one group of people, it’s almost impossible to avoid hurting another group.

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  3. I wasn’t really aware of the National Front and what it stood for until reading this book and reading more about what their mission is. I think its pretty interesting that “all the National Front’s efforts are to aid the problem of unemployment in Britain.” Are there no other ways to solve unemployment?.. Isn’t there some magical (don’t ask me) way governments can create new jobs? Also I feel like the National Front is often seen in correlation with the Nazis, but from looking at their website t either done a good job disguise this relationship.


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