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2 thoughts on “About

  1. First off, Oh Man i haven’t seen those videos in 8 years and back they i would of never given it a second thought. the reality of it is that sex, women and money gains peoples attention. when I was in my teens this kind of stuff interested me a sexy women swinging her beautiful body every which way in a sexual seductive manner stimulated me. but now that i can say I’ve been enlightened on the objectification of women it begs the question i find myself asking, ” is one of the reasons i objectified women back then because of what i saw in music videos and music in general?” and the answer is no because even back then i knew that the reason men seemed to have so much control over women on videos and music etc. Was because of money position and power which i had non of, we forget that in the music industry these artist don’t run what they do on videos or say in songs all the time the its the men or women in power trying to make that quick buck.


    • Especially because back when these songs came out we were middle schoolers who were trying to see where we fit in. By listening to such demeaning lyrics and watching sexy music videos made us seem like we were fitting in and going through life without problems but instead we were the ones creating this problem.


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